Art Shows

Stowe Living hosts Art Shows involving a wide range of mediums. We love working with new up and coming Artists and well known A-listers. There is always a chance to be inspired at one of Stowe Living's events or when you visit the store in Stowe, Vermont!


Artful Open House

July 5th from 3-6 pm at Stowe Living, 1813 Mountain Rd.


Sebastian SweatmanSebastian "Seb" Sweatman is an abstract painter influenced and inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement. Sebastian was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. At ten years of age he emigrated from South Africa and the family moved to England, then Canada and finally the United States. Sebastian currently paints out of his studio in Stowe, Vermont. Seb has worked with celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres. 
"Art is concerned with something that cannot be explained by words or literal description ... art is revelation instead of information, expression instead of description, creation instead of imitation or repetition .... Art is concerned with the HOW, not the WHAT; not with literal content. " 
Watch an interview of Seb here:
Chip Haggerty - an emerging self-taught, outsider artist, has been on a slow yet steady pace toward artistic realization since expanding his creative practice  time and space allowed. Writing, painting and spoken word have all been part of Haggerty's artistic portfolio in recent years. Whether writing poetry, engaging with radio audiences or painting in his iconoclastic style, Haggerty consistently brings his humor, depth and passion to the task. Pulling from childhood experiences, parenting, work life, random social gatherings, literature and everyday encounters, Haggerty takes slices of the past and snapshots of the present and bakes them into foundation of each piece of work.

Watch a video interview of Chip here:

Mac Dewart"I have been making sculpture for forty years and sometimes it seems like a parable about landscape where I’m following a plow toward a far horizon. The rolling terrain is American, the plow is my own, self-tooled invention. My granite and bronze gate-forms are sometimes functional, sometimes metaphoric. While I was born in Vermont, viewers often comment on the Asian sensibility they find in my work. Maybe it’s the gesture to the landscape they see, my wish to make sculptures look at home in the natural world of gardens and in parks. Call it my quest for harmony, of both the inner and the outer kind."

Abby Patterson - Her one of a kind pottery ceramics always sell out at Bergdorff Goodman. Delaware artist and teacher Abby Patterson says, perfection is overrated. She describes her style as “primitive on purpose,” “folk-y” and “whimsical.” Early influences on her artwork include Lyonel Feininger, Ben Shahn and Alice Neel, she says, noting an authentic, personal feeling to their work. “That’s what I’m drawn to,” she says, “more of a human, less perfect feel.” Her array of hand-painted pottery gleams with vibrant colors—think rich royal blues and rosy corals—and is decorated with quirky patterns. One can sense the expressive influence of Feininger in her unpolished, graphic linework.