Cooking Classes

Welcome to our cooking class series at Stowe Living with Chef Matt
Hiebsch (Chef/Owner of Kitsune: New Japanese Cuisine). He will guide you
through the leveling up of your home cooking. With over 20+ years of
experience, Chef Matt can provide detailed guidance on the fundamentals
of modern cooking and more.

This season’s classes:

-Surviving Winter: Cozy Winter Dishes from Japan

Saturday, December 9th (2-4 pm)
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Sunday, December 10th (2-4 pm)

$125 per Person

While the island of Japan is far away we share more in common than you
think. A desire to cook cozy home-cooked meals throughout the winter
season is one of them. Learn step-by-step cooking techniques perfect for
just you, or to impress and nourish your guests.

Udon Noodle Soup: Chicken & dashi broth, udon noodles, winter
Katsu Curry: Crispy chicken breast with Japanese style Curry sauce, winter
vegetables, steamed rice
Sukiyaki: Beef hot pot served family-style with mushrooms and your choice
of accompaniments
DONBURI: Japanese Rice Bowls

Saturday, January 6th (2-4 p.m.)
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Sunday, January 7th (2-4 p.m.)

$125 per Person

Donburi is a style of Japanese rice bowl that is served in every home
kitchen in Japan. In this class, we will learn a set of Donburi dishes you can
cook at home to diversify your cooking repertoire.
Gyudon: Thinly sliced beef and onions simmered in a sweet & savory broth,
topped with a soft egg and scallions.

Tekka Don: Tuna sashimi marinated in sake, mirin, and soy sauce. Served
over steamed Japanese rice, nori, and pickled ginger.

Oyakodon: Chicken and rice bowl with egg, fresh herbs, sake soy broth

Temaki Party:

Saturday, February 10th (2-4 pm)
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Sunday, February 11th (2-4 pm)

$125 per Person

Temaki is a Sushi hand roll and can be served family-style for a DIY sushi
experience. This class will teach you how to prepare a Temaki meal to
impress your guests for a tasty and interactive evening.

Family-style Temaki platter served with a variety of raw and cooked fish,
traditional accompaniments, and sushi rice